Not only do some travels make us cross land, but they also make us cross time.

Bedouin Trail — Wadi Rum Desert Adventures
Freelance, created in partnership with Jacob Howard — Wadi Rum, Jordan
Art Direction / Naming / Branding / Copywriting / Photography / Illustrations / Icons / Ui Design / Social Media
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This is the case of Bedouin Trail. A unique and timeless experience in the desert of Wadi Rum, in Jordan. The company is equally managed by brothers and cousins who redistribute to the wider family. They all want to see their culture last over the generations to come.

The bedouins guide the explorers on walks and share with them the tales of this legendary place. In the evening, together, they drink sweet tea and eat a dinner cooked in the ground, then sleep in the bedouin tents in the middle of the desert, under a beautiful starry night.