Open Source software makes it easier for everyone to access technology. What if some training was enough to switch, choosing transparency and participating in collective emulation?

Freelance — Nantes, France
Identity / Art Direction / Website / Ui/Ux / Icons / Print Collateral

2i2L, for informatique (IT), internet & logiciel libre (open source software) is a training organisation specialised in this type of software. It is the only one in France to only offer open source software training. Open source is a commitment, a transparent process that spread software and technologies to as many people as possible. To reflect these contributing and community values, 2i2L needed a brand in its image: free.

The result: starting with the image of a barn swallow. Symbol of migration, freedom, spring and renewal. Then destructuring it to break the codes and better bring them together. Light blue tones to pacify and dark tones to contrast. The curves break the balance and allow the firm to take off.